Literal 0.6.2

<template is="literal-template">

A literal-template may be placed anywhere in your HTML, and is designed to make it easy to mix dynamic content into static content in just those locations where needed.

A literal-template is replaced by its own rendered content.

<template is="literal-template">
    <pre>${ 'hello' }</pre>

Where JS fails a literal-template is left inert and unrendered.

<template is="literal-template">
    <pre>${ throws an error }</pre>

The template’s data object may be set with the data attribute. A data attribute that parses as a URL imports a JavaScript module or fetches JSON:

<template is="literal-template" data="../data/clock.js">
    <pre>${ data.time.toFixed(0) + 's' }</pre>

Include other templates

The template scope contains Literal’s template helper functions. Use the include(src, data) function to include other templates as literal templates:

<template id="todo-li">
    <li>${ data.text }</li>

<template is="literal-template">
    <h5>Todo list</h5>
    <ul>${ include('#todo-li', { text: 'Wake up' }) }</ul>

The include(src, data) function is partially applicable, helpful for mapping an array of data objects to template includes:

<template is="literal-template" data="../data/todo.json">
    <h5>Todo list</h5>
    <ul>${'#todo-li')) }</ul>



A path to a JSON file or JS module exporting data to be rendered.

<template is="literal-template" data="./data.json">...</template>
<template is="literal-template" data="./module.js">...</template>

Named exports are supported via the hash:

<template is="literal-template" data="./module.js#namedExport">...</template>

Paths may be rewritten. This helps when JS modules are bundled into a single module for production.

import { urls } from '../documentation/templates/literal.js';

    '../documentation/templates/path/to/module.js': '../documentation/templates/path/to/production/bundle.js#namedExport'

The data attribute also accepts raw JSON:

<template is="literal-template" data='{"property": "value"}'>...</template>

Literal templates

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