Brass Volcanoes.

I engineered the latest Brass Volcanoes recording Funky Pineapple on location in London. Buy it on Bandcamp.

Sousaphone Graham Hughes Trumpet, Vocals Ben Cummings Trumpet Paul Jordanous Tenor Jac Jones Trombone Malcolm Earle Smith Trombone Tom White Drums, Vocals Bubu Snare Wesley Gibbens Rap Zeb Tonkin


Receive, monitor, manipulate and transmit MIDI messages in the browser. A JS library of tools for working with the WebMIDI API.

MIDI JS Documentation

Inspect the data coming from a connected MIDI device.

MIDI Monitor

Happy Birthday
Dear Laura.

Font size calculator

Generate a CSS stylesheet with a hierarchy of font-sizes that adapt to the width of the viewport.

Font size calculator


Elusive stuff, innit? I can never find any when I really need it. Never again. Print at will.


A live data-binding custom <template> element with render tags, composeable includes, functional views and a DOM renderer that batches changes to the browser frame rate.



Atomic and component classes, and custom elements with deliberately minimal theming.



JavaScript functions, proxy observers, streams and so on, published as individual ES6 modules.



DOM functions, event streams, request helpers and so on, published as individual ES6 modules.


Cruncher is a web development agency in Lausanne. We tackle tough challenges like building big content management systems and real-time marketplaces for our clients.

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